Growing up in the mountains of Tahoe Iris started snowports and playing outside before she could walk. She grew up as second oldest in a family of four. Her older brother, who she still looks up to, was the first to snowboard in the family and is the reason she started. Once she started it was always her dream to become a professional and spend her life living and riding in the mountains. Now Iris lives her dream exploring the mountains on her splitboard, riding all over the world and all over her backyard. With a deep pocket of experience she plans on making more memories and sharing her knowledge with other people who want to be in the mountains snowboarding.


 Iris has been snowboarding professionally since she was 17. Throughout her career Iris has won slopestyles, rail jams, freeriding competitions and been able to share her love for the sport through coaching kids at High Cascade and Alpine Meadows. Her snowboarding matured to riding the whole mountain every day and she started competing in big mountain competitions. She won many national competitions and competed on the Freeride World Tour for 2 seasons.  


She has been through many injuries earlier in her career but says each one has shaped her into the person and athlete she is today and she wouldn’t trade in those experiences for anything. Injuries always come and go in this profession but she also has a ongoing struggle with asthma. This has taught her a lot of patience and how to listen to her body. Together this has built a passion for a healthy lifestyle and being disciplined in her diet which has rolled over into how she treats her career as an athlete.


Currently residing in Jackson Hole, Iris has also found a new passion for fish and the rivers. Between juggling 3+ jobs during summer she spends her free time flyfishing. Her organic excitement for the sport has lead her to places she never would have seen and opened a whole new world of adventure to occupy her when there's no snow.


    Iris takes things one day at a time with big goals in mind but staying flexible to new ideas.  She finds her confidence knowing that no matter what, all things work out, just not always how you imagine. She plans on snowboarding professionally as long as the doors are open to the opportunity and flyfishing away her summers. Wherever else life leads her, will unfold eventually, but for now, her heart is with the snow, mountains and the water flowing from them.



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